UV Angel: Cleaner and Safer Air In Hospitals

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on preventing healthcare-associated infections globally. In that regard, UV Angel Michigan has developed a revolutionary pathogen control technology to prevent these infections in healthcare institutions and hospitals. Various health research and studies have shown that UV-C light in a specific amount allows you to eliminate the virus, bacteria, and dangerous particles floating around in the air. The UV-C light kills pathogens by breaking their DNA or RNA and eventually makes the surroundings clear and breathable.

Nowadays, the use of UV purifiers is increasing in hospitals, industries, showrooms, shopping malls, schools, and various other places day by day. UV Angel products have the primary motto of keeping the air clear and free from germs. Years of research and development on ultra-violet technology make the use of UV-C light more prominent and less harmful. UV Angel products give you the perfect safety when it comes to air purification at various locations.

The Major Use of UV Angel Technology

Safety matters the most at the hospitals. In today’s covid arena, it becomes imperative to maintain hygiene and keep the hospital free from viruses. The primary health of the patients depends a lot on the surroundings and the type of air. The UV Angel air series products allow you to maintain a certain level of air purification, which eventually provides speedy recovery to the patient. Proven experiments and research have shown that UV Angel products kill 99.9% of pathogens, and the cycle repeats after every 0.7 seconds. This shows the effectiveness of this breakthrough technological advancement to provide you a quality life.

 How Does It Work in Hospitals?

  • There are various UV-C light chambers installed in the hospitals, full of fans and filters operated automatically.
  • Air is then passed through the UV-C right chambers, which deactivates the virus, the bacteria, and the germs from the air.
  • Once the air is purified, it is returned to the premises where the chambers are installed. And the best thing about the UV Angel air purifier is, it does not make any noise.
  • Now the air purified is safe for the workers, doctors, and patients. The ceiling-installed UV-c light system works automatically once switched on and can fit into any tile.

Surface Sterilization

Are there multiple users in the hospital using the same utilities and the system? Not to worry. The UV angle products will neutralize the germs and bacteria from the surface of the utilities by killing them at the rate of over 99%. UV Angel is fit for the sanitization of high-touch surfaces in a healthcare institution or a hospital. The nurse stations or shared keyboards may prove a potential threat for disease transmission. But, UV Angel detects any potential threat and neutralizes the pathogens at the cellular level. 

UV angle air series covers the area of over 150 square feet of a facility and disinfects 50 cubic feet of air per minute. Select the chamber size correctly. The experts will help you install the UV Angel products correctly, giving the highest efficiency. The product offers disruption-free workflow as it works unconditionally throughout the day.

Why Install UV Angel Air Series?

Healthcare and hospitals spend billions of dollars around the year to prevent disease transmission and healthcare-associated infections. Hence, the UV Angel’s highly researched and perfect pathogen-controlled technology provides the surety of pure air and prevents infection. Its proprietary software tells you about the pathogens in the air. The UV Angel continuously neutralizes the pathogens in the air with the easy ceiling setup and keeps the air circulation smooth and clean

The best thing about the UV angel product is, it does not require any human presence for operation. The work is automatic and with the best sophisticated software. The auto functioning of the system makes the use of UV angle products even more accessible. So, what are you waiting for! Order now and take due advantage of our proven innovative technology.

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Designed directly into a traditional ceiling light fixture, this product is an unobtrusive environmental treatment system that uses ultraviolet light to automatically and continually treat the air.

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UV Angel Air Ultraviolet Sanitizing


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