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Retail Store Building Maintenance for Southeast Michigan Businesses

First impressions matter. Retail stores, especially, have to keep their buildings clean. Likewise, customers have stated that the cleanliness of your store reflects the their shopping experience. That’s why Randcom Building Maintenance Services focuses on delivering a spotless and sparkling results. Randcom understands that the cleanliness of your store can play a big role in your customers’ first impressions and brand loyalty.

We understand that each retail store may require different cleaning services. For this reason, Randcom Building Maintenance Services customizes services based on your need. Our team is trained and certified to provide top quality cleaning and disinfecting services for all types of retail stores. We offer routine cleaning and building maintenance for from clothing shops to grocery stores. We have 30+ years experience. 


Cleaning hard surfaces: We will build a maintenance plan that cleans your hard surfaces. Our team will remove smudges and finger spots. We clean mirrors, stainless steel, and other metal surfaces. Our employees are educated on using the right chemicals on the correct surfaces. This will lengthen the life of your retail furniture.

Cleaning all floor types: Your retail store may have many floors types. We can clean and restore your retail floors. Randcom is third party certified to clean and restore commercial floors.  We are expert cleaners or concrete, laminate, vinyl, marble, granite, and wood floors. Our team understands how to treat and clean each type.

Cleaning carpeted surfaces: Randcom will work to keep your carpet looking it’s best. Not every carpet is the same. However, we design a custom approach for your business. Regularly cleaning your commercial carpet is the best way to prolong the life of your carpet.

Cleaning interior and exterior windows: Dirty, dusty commercial windows make a bad impression on your customers. Randcom will clean your retail store’s windows up to five stories high.

Disinfecting: Disinfecting your business should not bring excessive worry to your company. The goal is to keep your employees and customers safe. Outsourcing to a Michigan building maintenance company saves your business time and money. For instance, environmental technicians are trained to get more cleaning done in less time.


Our certifications prove that we have learned the right skills to maintain your floors. Likewise, environmental technicians know the correct chemicals to use on different surfaces. This knowledge lengthens the life of your furniture and floors. Randcom is third party certified by IICRC, EPA, CRI, and AHE. As a result, you receive the best services in Southeast Michigan.


You want a company that uses green products. Green Seal Certified chemicals are backed by the EPA. Therefore, these products contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment. However, many feel “going green” can be expensive. Consequently, businesses cut costs by using cheaper cleaning chemicals. We don’t cut corners. Randcom uses Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies. Rest assured, your property can be maintained without harsh chemicals – and best of all – still get the job done.


In conclusion, clean stores will make the best impression with customers. Also, retailers should consider creating a building maintenance plan. Outsourcing your routine store cleaning will save you time and money.

You want the best in retail store cleaning services for Southeast Michigan business. Randcom offers complete building maintenance service. Clients choose us based on our certifications, experience, and customer service. Let us create your custom plan that fits your needs. Also, we have the necessary floor equipment, the right chemicals, and educated employees to give you the best service.  Our company is third party certified in cleaning  care and restoration. Randcom is the cleaning experts for schools, health care facilities, retails stores, fitness centers, commercial and industrial buildings. Lastly, we service the entire Metro Detroit, Michigan area. Contact us for a free quote today – 734-595-0589.

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