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Manufacturing Building Cleaning Services for Southeast Michigan

Cleaning challenges can be found in manufacturing facilities and workplaces. It is essential to keep your employees safe and your workplace productive. We can design a customized cleaning program to fit the needs of any facility.  For example we offer daily janitorial cleaning, quarterly floor scrubbing, or yearly high dusting programs. There are many important factors when making a decision on which janitorial cleaning service company to hire. Let’s consider four reasons to choose Randcom Building Services.


Randcom has over 30 years experience serving Michigan manufacturing companies. Our experience in the manufacturing sector ensures a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your employees.


Cost savings alone can be a good enough reason for businesses to begin outsourcing commercial cleaning. Retaining in-house employees is a very expensive endeavor that includes payroll tax, salary, and benefits (insurance, 401(k), vacation, and sick pay, etc.). Additionally,  cleaning staff in companies typically have a high turnover rate. Time is spent on training your staff on cleaning procedures and chemical processes. Randcom’s employees are fully vetted and background checked. Our employees are paid a competitive wage resulting in low employee turn over and highly skilled workers. Our employees are already trained to complete the commercial services you need for your manufacturing facility. Therefore, outsourcing janitorial services can help you control operating costs.


Our certifications prove that we have learned the right skills to maintain your floors. Likewise, environmental technicians know the correct chemicals to use on different surfaces. This knowledge lengthens the life of your furniture and floors. Randcom is third party certified by IICRC, EPA, CRI, and AHE. As a result, you receive the best services in Southeast Michigan.


You want a company that uses green products. Green Seal Certified chemicals are backed by the EPA. Therefore, these products contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment. However, many feel “going green” can be expensive. Consequently, businesses cut costs by using cheaper cleaning chemicals. We don’t cut corners. Randcom uses Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies. Rest assured, your property can be maintained without harsh chemicals – and best of all – still get the job done.

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