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4 Secrets of Commercial Floor Maintenance Care


Clean floors make the best impression. Studies have shown that facility appearance ratings can drop as much as 75 percent if the floor shine creates a bad first impression. Counting the costs, it is expensive to replace worn floors. Consequently, business owners look for the best floor maintenance programs. Floor care programs keep your existing floors shiny while protecting your bottom line. Here are four secrets to floor maintenance that won’t let you down.


Floor mats are your friends. High traffic areas are bombarded with soil, dirt, and moisture. Additionally, Michigan floors battle with people tracking in rock salt in the winter months. As a result, these elements can beat up your floors. A floor matting program will reduce the impact.

Areas Where Mats Should Be Located:

  • Outside Main Entrance
  • Foyer / Entryway
  • Near Steps
  • Near Elevators

There may be more strategic locations to put mats. Randcom’s floor technicians can help you determine the best spots to place mats in your business. Basically, the more mats you have results in less dirt on your floors. In turn, floors will reduce impact on your floors


    The number two secret floor care includes giving your floors attention. Of course, this depends on the equipment you have on hand.

    Daily Floor Care

      • Dust Mopping – Keeps floors free of the dirt that can damage the finish and diminish the shine. Dust mopping should be performed daily to keep dirt off the floor.

      • Damp Mopping – No one wants soiled and yellowing floors. Damp mopping removes particles and oily dirt. Also, it will prevent your shiny floors from looking yellow.  Damp mopping should be performed daily or as often as necessary if foot traffic is extremely heavy. Tips: Remember to start with a clean mop head. Change water as needed.

    Using Floor Equipment

      • Auto Scrubbing – Not every business will have this. However, using this type of equipment is effective and efficient, meaning, it is worth the investment. Auto scrubbing removes soil better than damp mopping and uses less chemicals. Less chemicals means you’re saving money. Tips: Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended dilution. Also, choose the correct pad for cleaning.

      • Low Speed Buffing – Buffing will repair your floor finish and stall the need to re-coat your floors.  As a result,your floors will reflect more light and give you a smooth shiny finish. We know the customers like shiny floors. How often you buff will depend on the amount of foot traffic and the type of floors. Low speed buffing is more time-consuming than burnishing, but can be useful in high-traffic areas. Tips: Consider this a budget friendly option if you cannot get a burnisher. Remember, always clean your floors before using. Use a spray buff to aid in surface repair.  A mop-on maintainer gives you a ‘fill-in” benefit, but is more efficient in apply the spray buff. Additionally, choose the correct floor pad.

      • High Speed Burnishing – High speed burnishing is an efficient method used to maintain floors. Likewise it produces the highly desirable “wet look” shine. Burnishing helps repair the finish to a smooth shine and delays the need for a re-coat. Again, how often you burnish will depend on the amount of foot traffic and the type of floors. Tips: Always clean your floors before using. Finally, choose the right floor pad.


      Interim floor maintenance is a more aggressive scrub and re-coat, but not stripping and waxing. In most cases, the scrub and re-coat process should be performed before stripping and waxing. As a result, it is a less intensive procedure that requires less time, money, and resources. However, a scrub and re-coat is only effective when you do it routinely. Tips: Dust mop your floors. By doing so, it prevents the scrubbing process to prevent excess dirt building up on the floor pads. Finally, the correct floor pad is key.


        Restorative takes time, but it is worth the time and money. Restorative care is stripping, sealing and refinishing the floor’s surface. Generally, this is needed when floors are yellowed or darkened in appearance. After applying stripper, the floor technicians use a floor machine with an aggressive black pad on the bottom to scrub and remove the finish. Randcom recommends a strip and wax at least once a year on low to medium traffic floors, and every 4-6 months on high traffic floors.  Tip: Choose a top shelf floor stripper and the right floor finish.


        In conclusion, shiny floors make the best impression with customers. Commercial facilities should consider complete maintenance solutions. That means picking the right chemicals and creating a maintenance schedule. The right floor chemicals are key when wanting clean shiny floors. The proper chemicals ensure the stripper, finish and cleaner are all formulated to work in together.  As a result, it will extend the length of time between maintenance cycles.

        Randcom offers complete floor maintenance service. You want the best in floor cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services for your Southeast Michigan business. Clients choose us based on our certifications, experience, and customer service. Let us create your custom floor maintenance plans that fit your needs. We have the necessary floor equipment and use the best floor products. Our company is third party certified in floor care and restoration. For example, Randcom certified by IICRC, EPA, CRI, and AHE. Rancom is the floor care experts for schools, health care facilities, retails stores, fitness centers, commercial and industrial buildings. We service the Metro Detroit, Michigan including Macomb County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and Wayne County. Contact us a free floor quote today – 734-595-0589.


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