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Disinfecting BUSINESSES & Sanitization Services for Metro Detroit, Michigan


Disinfecting your business should not bring excessive worry to your company. The goal is to keep your employees and customers safe. Additionally, people will want to know that their work stations, conference rooms, restrooms, and all other touch points have been properly disinfected. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommends using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved agents which further reduces the risk of infection. What are the costs to consider for businesses?


Outsourcing to a Michigan building maintenance company saves your business time and money. First, environmental technicians are trained to get more cleaning done in less time. We know the best way to disinfect the workspace in an efficient manner. That saves you time. Secondly, we have wholesale pricing on janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies. That means cross off those cleaning supplies expenses off your list. Thirdly, the cost of employees. Healthy employees are able to work. Sick employees cost businesses down time. Additionally, hiring a professional company means you skip the frustration of finding new hires. As a result, there is no cost to train or manage new employees. Finally, businesses save on employee benefits.


Contracting disinfecting services for medical facilities saves time and money. Healthcare buildings need specialized sanitization. Likewise, individuals who clean inside this medical industry should be properly trained. Trained environmental technicians ensure health care environments are free of surface contamination. Additionally, hiring a professional company means you can skip the costs associated with finding and training employees.  Likewise, this means your organization will save time and money on certification classes. Finally, health organizations save on employee verification. Professional cleaning companies should fully vet their employees. As a result, medical facilities will receive the best service knowing they outsourced to licensed and certified contractors like Randcom.

The cost savings add up. Outsourcing disinfecting services is worth the investment. Now, let’s look at how to choose the best disinfecting business in the Metro Detroit area.


Cleaning certifications prove that environmental technicians have learned the right skills to sanitize and disinfect your business. Additionally, certified technicians know the correct EPA approved chemicals to use on which surfaces. This knowledge lengthens the life of furniture, electronics, and other surfaces that need routine cleaning. Additionally, chemicals can be harmful to humans when used incorrectly. It is vital to know appropriate use of germicides, quaternary disinfectants, glass cleaners, restroom cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, floor wax, strippers and microfiber cleaning tools.

Facilities that require high levels of sanitization should use certified environmental technicians. They know safety, service, and efficient, and effective operations as outlined by the Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE).  Professional janitorial businesses know how to use treated dust collectors. They are trained to use HEPA vacuums. As a result, dust is removed from your facility instead of moving it around. Randcom is third party certified by IICRC, EPA, CRI, and AHE. As a result, you receive the best disinfecting services in Southeast Michigan.

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Businesses want a professional floor care company that uses green products. Green Seal Certified chemicals are backed by the EPA. These products contain ingredients that are safer for human health and the environment – and best of all – still get the job done. Many feel “going green” can be expensive. Consequently, businesses cut costs with cheaper cleaning chemicals. Outsourcing your disinfecting services to a Green Seal Certified company will save you money on purchasing green cleaning supplies. Randcom uses Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies. Have peace of mind that your staff is working in a healthier environment.


There are benefits to outsourcing disinfecting services. First, businesses save time and money. Secondly, vetted workers guarantee licenses and certifications. This results in the best possible service. Thirdly, businesses “go green” when they hire Green Seal Certified cleaning companies. Likewise, this creates a safer work environment.

In conclusion, Randcom offers cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization services for Southeast Michigan businesses. We fully vet all our employees. Randcom is third party certified by IICRC, EPA, CRI, and AHE. As a result, you will receive the best disinfecting services in Southeast Michigan. Green Seal Certified chemicals are the products we use when disinfecting. We disinfect for schools, health care facilities, retails stores, fitness centers, commercial and industrial buildings. We service the Metro Detroit, Michigan including Macomb County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and Wayne County. Contact us for a free quote today – 734-595-0589.

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Schools, Commercial Offices, Retail Businesses,  Restaurants, Industrial Work Places


Keep your facilities clean and your employees safe. RANDCOM offers disinfection application services for your Metro Detroit business. As always, we offer free quotes. Contact us today.
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