Good Cleaning Promotes Good Health!

If it did not, you would never hear expressions such as Indoor Air Quality or Sick Building Syndrome. How does RandCom clean for health and stay within your operating budget?

We Use the Right Tools for the Job

Microfiber cleaning tools and improved germicidal detergents remove bacteria from restrooms and work surfaces.  Treated dust collectors and HEPA vacuums remove dust from your facility instead of moving it around.  The benefits to you are the same as having a smoke-free facility:  Fewer pollutants reduce maintenance costs and improve the collective health of your employees.  How much would your organization save if fewer people called off sick?

We Use Cleaning Tools Correctly

What good are the right tools if they aren’t used correctly? All RandCom employees are trained to use cleaning chemicals and equipment correctly and safely before they begin working. They then receive periodic follow-up evaluation and testing to ensure that correct cleaning methods are continually being used. By using the correct tools correctly, we ensure correct results.

We Clean Your Building Efficiently

RandCom uses the ‘Specialist Cleaning’ method to maintain your facility. Specialist workers are each trained to perform a specific task such as Restrooms, Floor Care, Vacuuming or Light Duty. Employee cleaning routes are customized for maximum job efficiency. Training is simplified with an emphasis on quality work. Regular management inspection then ensures the end result.

We Dignify Our Workers

RandCom is more than just a cleaning company – we’re a professional human resource organization. We invest heavily in finding quality employees and then giving them the best training we can. Since our janitorial workers are front line protectors of the public health, we treat them with the utmost respect and dignity at all times. We treat our employees the way we want to be treated, and our clients benefit from the results.